Book now is Easy Cheesy!

We make it easy at My Maid Service. We like simple and straight forward and no umm, you know, beef sticks!  However, thats making us hungry, lets get to booking a maid now! (we will call and get the details to confirm)!

How easy?

Just choose one of the cleaning buttons above and go on! Fill it out! Don’t worry, we will call you to confirm and obtain payment, whatever method is easy for you. Thank you!

How else can I book now?

Ok, if you feel better just sending in a contact form with your info, that’s great too but we’ll need to call back and confirm the details! You get full pricing online if you visit any of our cleaning forms. You do not have to enter an email address either to get a Book Now quote! Keep in mind we also have a live chat box on our homepage, so make sure to use that if you are unsure. We are staffed 9 to 4pm, Monday through Friday! Looking forward to chatting you!

Book now is permanent?

No no, we’re just giving you the full pricing of Booking your maid cleaning, UP FRONT! So you have the ease of mind when booking My Maid Service in McKinney and surrounding areas. Yeah, its not difficult and we won’t be mad if you have to change your mind or cancel. It happens to all of us at one point! Keep checking back as we adjust pricing to make our service as competitive as possible!