Booking Online is Easy!

How easy?

Simply visit our online store and purchase the clean you are looking for.  Then, when you get your invoice number, please use the blue tab on the bottom right of our homepage to choose a time that works for you!  Interested in Carpet Cleaning as well?  Get a 15% off discount code for BOTH by sharing that invoice number in your booking!

How else can I book now?

It’s always easy to just give us a call at 214-504-0656 or, send us an email to

Book now is permanent?

If you paid for your clean using our shopping cart, your appointment slot is guaranteed as long as we have enough people available that day so, leave a few days if you know you have a large job.  If you book an appointment slot WITHOUT an invoice number, we will attempt to contact you to confirm, and add a Credit/Debit Card to the appointment.